The Center

Do you know that just few steps form Piazza Conte Rosso, a cannonball from XVII century got stuck into a wall of one of the old buildings? That above a stone column of one of the most precious houses, a cheeky child is pulling faces to the passers-by? That in the prisons of its castle the rebel prince Amedeo d’Acaja of the house of Savoy was confined, and that his spirit is said to still wander in the mists of the lake where he drowned? Park your car in the areas indicated on the map, and set out to find those pecultiarities: you will be surprised by the beauty of the old town, with his heart in Piazza Conte Rosso and in the ruins of the castle above. The information boards along the way will familiarize you with Avigliana’s history, its old places, beautiful churches, the Clock Tower, the ancient town gates. Decide for yourself where you wish to start the tour indicated on the map: whether you are arriving by train or are you coming from the lakes. After that, take your time to stroll the narrow alleys: walk slowly and discover ist hidden beauty!.

1 – Casa Senore 2 – Ospedale e Casaforte del Beato Umberto 3 – Chiesa e Porta di Santa Maria 4 – Oratorio del Gesù 5 – Piazza Santa Maria 6 – Casa di Porta Ferrata e Torre Rotonda 7 – Casa Cantamerlo 8 – Palazzo Municipale 9 – Chiesa di Santa Croce 10 – Castello 11 – Chiesa di San Giovanni 12 – Torre dell’Orologio13 – Porta Ferronia 14 – Chiesa di San Pietro.

Fonte Turismo Avigliana